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Body forming - fat reduction

Cavitation – fat loss by ultrasound

A new, safe and effective alternative to liposuction. Do you also suffer the unsightly excess fat on hips, belly rings, riding pants, bulky thighs, upper arms, double chin, or the much dreaded cellulite? Then you have found the right place! Beauty-Service uses the latest technology and methods.

Reducing fat cells using ultrasound

The stable cavitation is a newly developed technology for the cosmetic field that uses the superposition of ultrasonic and pressure waves.

Due to this superposition, it is possible to entice fat cells to vibrate so that the protective cover, the cell membrane of fat cells become permeable and thus allow the stored fat to drain. From there it is "disposed" via the lymphatic system.

Fat cells are not formed after the growth phase. The result is sustainable. Until recently this was not possible with any method, except with liposuction and the risks associated . Completely painless – no risk – no syringe – no intervention. Immidiately after treatment you can resume all your habitual tasks and are not restricted in any way.

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