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Dental Bleaching

Unsightly discoloration of the teeth caused by inclusions of inner and outer color pigments by various stimulants – mainly by coffee, coke, tea and red wine and nicotine – are removed.

Deep cleaning is important because the original youthful white, which is given to man by nature, can be revealed by deep pore cleansing, without the artificial look. Our cosmetic whitening procedure is based on the effect of oxygen radicals. Oxygen radicals penetrate into the tooth and then neutralize existing color pigments by oxidation. The darkening of the teeth is a sign of age! Take advantage of tooth whitening as an anti-aging therapy.

Measures before Tooth Whitening treatment

Precondition for a treatment are completely healthy and clean teeth and gums. The last visit to the dentist should not date back more than half a year. No treatments possible if caries is present and restorations must have no gaps at the edges. Exposed root surfaces are protected by us with a special gel.

Measures afterTooth Whitening

Please refrain until three days after the treatment from consuming food containing food coloring. We recommend that patients support the treatment at home applying a fluorine compound (eg Elmex jelly). Please drink a lot of clear water on the day of the treatment and the subsequent day. Rinse sensitivities zones with warm milk . To get a long-lasting shining result, you should generally avoid colored beverages, as these may affect the outcome in the long run.

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