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Facelift is known as the tightening of the face and neck. There is a distinction between surgical and non-surgical facelifts. The goal is always a younger and fresher face. This age-related changes in the area of the entire face can be corrected.

Surgical facelifts. The operational procedures will distinguish between the deep, open face and neck lift and the closed, endoscopic midface lift. A major facelift includes the ever tightening of the forehead, eyes and neck region, while a mini-lift, a so-called Maxlift, only firms the chin, cheek and eye region , which is sufficient in many cases to ensure a natural look There is also the minimally invasive facelift with self-dissolving stitches, the so-called threads (Thread Lift),

Please note that all facelifts are performed exclusively in the Siloah Hospital in Berne with the help of professional anesthetists.

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