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Fat Injections (Transfer)

The injection of ownfat is one of the options to achieve a longer-lasting success. For this purpose fat cells are extracted from other body parts like thighs, knees or abdominal areas and unwanted cells extradited using a special process. The body's own fat can then be placed under the affected areas in the face with a thin needle to smooth out wrinkles and scars or enlarge lips. Since the body's own substance is properly modified, the result is long

The removal of the body's own fat requires a slightly more elaborate preparation: Depending on the individual requirements, the procedure lasts 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how much fat must be removed. The procedure can be performed as an outpatient. In order to achieve a lasting result, it is recommended that you schedule 1-2 recurrent injection appotments." In the meantime, the extracted fat is stored frozen.. After the second or third treatment one achieves a permanent result with the body's own material.

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