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Lifting & Wrinkle Treatment

Look younger and fresher …

What could be nicer than to get older sound and safe, to look back at life in a satisfied way and to enjoy the present day. And all that with or without wrinkles.

There are different methods to tighten sagging skin. In addition to the traditional invasive method such as the surgical skin tightening using a scalpel, there is the minimally invasive method using Botoliumtoxin widely used..Using the operative method, excess skin is removed and the remaining skin is stretched.

The method used by us is not invasive and combines the benefits of invasive procedures, without sharing their disadvantages. Using a special radio frequency for face and body the connective tissue fibers in the deeper layers of the skin will warm up and temporarily contract in response. Usually after the first treatment the result will be visible. After a few repetitions of the treatment on a weekly interval more and more new collagen fibers are created that give the skin its natural elasticity again. The result, depending on age and skin type, may last a very long time.

The results from our radio frequency treatments could previously only be achieved through plastic surgery.

Even after a few treatments your skin looks visibly smoother, fresher and revitalized. This effect is stimulated by the regeneration of collagen.

The result: Your skin looks youthful again taut and flat.

The sensational treatment results are based on a globally unique three-phase action of the tested device: surface warming using soft lasers, low-heating by means of pulsed radio frequency energy (RF) and massage with high and low pressure.

The following areas can be treated successfully:

  • Face

  • Hands

  • Cheeks

  • Area around the eyes (no eyes and eyelids)

  • Neck

  • Dekolleté

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