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Gentle treatment of wrinkles with a gentle natural therapy (Mang Mesoshot, Mesolift)

Mesotherapy – little effort, big effect.

Fine micro-injections of balanced, organic ingredients will make the skin shine again.

Mesotherapy in esthetic medecine

This gentle natural healing process is a new treatment approach to skin rejuvenation. As early as 1952, Dr. Michael Pistor invented mesotherapy. The name is derived from the Greek word for middle ("mesos"). The idea of the physician: development of a method that achieves targeted injections with little substance at the right place for a very good effect!

The treatment is pretreatmentbwith the so-called "Mesopeel", a specially designed acid exfoliation, followed directly by the mesotherapy treatment, and subsequent application of a special moisturizer to even enhance the result.


Mesolift leads to a lightening of the skin and improved blood circulation of the skin. Through the so-called Mesolift-effect we achieve an increased basic tension and tautness of the skin. The result is a "radiant complexion" with an effective smoothing of fine superficial wrinkles.


The Mesoshot is a unique treatment of one or more zones. The three treatment areas are the face, neck and decollete.

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