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Soft Implants (Filler)

Following the continuous strive to deliver the best result for our patients, Beauty Service has chosen to work exclusively with Easy Agarose as soft implant.

Easy-agarose is a natural dermal filler for long-lasting aesthetic correction

Agarose is a polysaccharide from the group of galactans: sugar with five carbon atoms. In combination with water it turns into a hydrocolloid gel . This filler is the result of extensive research and testing of many types of agarose, and by complex processing procedures, it was possible to create a viscoelastic gel that can be easily extruded from a very thin needle

  • Easy-agarose is a 100% biodegradable dermal filler for longer lasting, aesthetic corrections.

  • Easy-agarose gel made ​​from an injectable agarose

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